The Best and Secure Payment Method

Introduction about Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a medium of digital “currency”. It is completely created as well as held through the electronic system on your computer.  If you think that Bitcoins are paper-like currency or are present in the form of money then you are completely wrong with this notion. Bitcoin is the very example by the cryptocurrency that has been produced by the business people from all around the globe.  It is designed through the advanced system of computer software to perform all sorts of mathematical problems.

Best Payment Gateway 2020 for Bitcoin

A bitcoin payment gateway is a process which will enable all the merchants to accept the transactions in the Bitcoin.  Currently, there are different types of payment processors which are enabling the users to perform the selling and buying of different altcoins in which we have Litecon, Bitcoin, Cash, and Ripple. Among all such payment gateways, we have the name of “ ”.

Now you might be thinking that what Localbitcoins is all about!

Localbitcoins is working as one of the largest exchanges of Bitcoin in the US. It is also known to be the biggest sector of cryptocurrency global exchanges. Localbitcoins offers you with so many incredible features with which you can make your life easier and less convenient.  This Localbitcoins Company is established in the US.  Within the Cryptocurrency market, this exchange has made itself to be one of the most leading and trustworthy exchanges to work with.

You can either use it as a payment gateway or it can also work as a normal exchange center too.  It will be facilitating to work as the fastest current conversion from the Bitcoin into the fiat currency without any requirement of the merchant. You don’t need to request for any withdrawal.  You can avail of this exchange service as free of cost at the first $1 million transactions. 

How to buy Bitcoin from

Setting up an Account Step By Step

Step 1: Sign Up

Go to Localbitcoins and click “Signup” at the top right-hand corner of the page.

First of all, you have to register yourself on the account with the platform of You can eventually get free and yet the secure online bitcoin wallet. You don’t need to take stress about using any additional app. If you do have an account already, just sign up here and make an account and when you have to check your email for verification and move to step no 2.

Step 2: Searching for advertisements

Now make your way to the main page and inside the search box, you have to fill up for the amount which you want to buy your currency into. Now choose the location as well as your payment method.  If you are unsure about the payment method, just choose the option of “All online offers” being your payment method.  Few common online payment methods are Paypal, WebChat, Bank transfer, Credit card, Debit card and many more methods Web Server and so many more in the given list.

Step 3: Selecting an advertisement

Right through the list of advertisements, make the selection from the trader who is having an excellent score and has high trades as well.  The time indicator will enable you to get an idea that whether the trader will be replying in 5 minutes or 30 minutes or even slower than that.  You can view extra information about the advertisement by choosing the option “buy” button.  You have to buy from the trader man who is visible with the “green dot” along with its name. This green dot means that he is visible for you to purchase the Bitcoin.  An option of a chat box is also available to get an inquiry detail from the trade man about the Bitcoin prices.

Step 4: Pay the seller

Now as you have press the button of “buy” you will view the entire information related to the advertisement.  You have to read it carefully before you plan to submit your trade request.  Type in the blue box for starting your trade about how much you want to easily. Just create a small message for the seller and click on the option of the Send trade request button.

Step 5: Marking the payment complete

As you have finally made your payment, you have to click on the option “I have paid button. As the trader will fully verify that your instant amount has been received, your Bitcoin will be instantly released from the escrow.

Watch this 5-minute video How to buy Bitcoin from


So here we have presented you a complete guide about the Bitcoin and how you can easily create your account on LocalBitcoins. Follow the guidelines right now and get an amazing benefit from this currency exchange platform.